Software development

At a glance

DISID develops personalised software that combines technological experience and industry specific knowledge.

DISID provides a quality-orientated mature software development process, to maintain continuous high software engineering standards.

Before DISID delivers its software, it passes through a  comprehensive test process to make sure that it is functioning as intended, thus ensuring the most efficient way in our customers.

The DISID development process combines the best aspects of Lean and Scrum in order to promote scalability and agility under demand.We are ready to adapt the development processes to their changes in time and requirements at any stage of the project.

The consolidation strategy of delocalisation of DISID allows us to overcome geographical, idiomatic and cultural barriers, communicate and coordinate dependencies between equipment efficiently in the medium of the common infrastructure and multi-site location.

DISID knows that the success of a data solution and its quality depends largely on the software 


Development of customised applications

DISID creates customised solutions from scratch, ensuring perfect integration with existing environments and systems.We extend this supply to sttrack products and automation of large-scale business processes alike.

Customising third party products

With a proven knowledge of technology platforms and components, both open and patented, DISID creates customised solutions that meet our customers’ unique demands.

Migration and update of legacy applications

DISID launches re-design, refactoring, migration to newer platforms and the revision of the architecture for legacy and lagging systems that need a revision.


DISID makes use of a wide set of programming languages, frameworks, bookshops and tools for projects of any scale and complexity.

We have been working with cutting-edge technologies for many years and our first milestone was the active participation in 2008 in the development of Spring Web Flow in its version 1.0 with acknowledgement of the Erwin VERVAET project originator. At that time, we had already been working for three years on Java and Spring.Today, we remain the only enterprise that maintains a Spring “Spring” component outside the manufacturer Pivotal and Spring, the most commonly used framework of development at global level.

We are characterised by work with modern and innovative platforms, but in their turn strong and consolidated ones.

R & D and emerging technologies

DISID directs internal R & D teams, where we work together in emerging technologies to inject innovation into our real life projects.

Cloud Native

DISID works with cloud-native technologies, and especially Kubernetes, to create software that adapts rapidly to continuous growth and competitiveness, providing automation and the observation facility needed to manage scale and high-speed applications.

  • Docker
  • Microservices
  • Kubernetes
  • RedHat Openshift
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

Machine Learning

Building on AI, DISID offers software applications that delegate to predictive models to help drive critical decisions for business and bring new efficiencies.

  • BigML