DISID is a  strategic partner of Tableau  with experience in technology across the board of Tableau.

Tableau helps organisations transform data into actionable information.Its analytical platform drives exploration, enabling it to quickly respond to queries with data and to share information throughout your business.

Our certified team has a thorough knowledge of Tableau and the products of your portfolio.We can recommend the best solution of Tableau to address all its challenges of  Business Intelligence.

Today it is widely recognized that data is an increasingly valuable asset of companies. An increasing volume of data is generated and recorded in information systems with a level of increasing detail. At the same time, more users require and/or demand access to this data to answer questions and obtain information about the business. Tableau is leading technologies that address these 2 challenges, providing a modern, highly intuitive self-service data analysis platform.

Tableau is an analysis, reporting and business intelligence platform that is currently, if not the best, one of the best (Gartner). Integrates data analysis and reporting into a continuous data analysis process. It allows business users to quickly explore data and change views on the fly to follow the natural thought process. Tableau combines data exploration, visualization, reporting and dashboarding in an application that is easy to learn and use.

Tableau Tools

The Tableau solution set consists of 4 main tools:

Tableau Desktop: The end-user tool for data analysis and panel creation. Can be used alone or together with Tableau Server / Tableau Online.

Tableau Prep: is the self-service data preparation and cleaning tool. It allows business and IT users to give form, combine, and clean data. It can be used alone or in conjunction with Tableau Server / Tableau Online.

Tableau Server: The server platform that provides services for collaboration, governance, management, and content sharing This can be implemented internally or in the cloud (on Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure or Google’s GCP).

Tableau Online: This is the cloud version of Tableau Server (in the Tableau cloud infrastructure).

Whether working independently with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep or publishing content to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, users can work directly with data stored in any data source.

“Tableau offers a visual exploration experience which allows business users to access, prepare, analyse and present findings in their data.”

Highlights of the Magic Quadrant:

  • The customer rating Tableau well above the average of the general experience.
  • Visual exploration and data manipulation:Tableau allows users to quickly swallow data from a wide range of data sources, mix them and display the results using best practices of visual perception.Data can be easily manipulated during visualisation, e.g. when groups, drawers and hierarchies are created.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Tableau services:

Analysis and design

Design of solutions that use data analysis to add value to our clients’ business.


Create customized, easy-to-use applications adapted to our customers’ business that use and exploit the benefits of data analysis.

Configuration and commissioning

Technical assistance, installation, customization, configuration, maintenance and support.


Training in the basic concepts of data analysis and how to use them.

Why choose Tableau?

Main difference: The way to obtain value and knowledge through analysis.

Differences in use: The objective is to understand the data. The data is explored with an efficient and easy-to-use interface. Tableau allows you to analyze an outlier in more depth. Tableau allows you to iterate in your discoveries without interrupting the analysis flow.

Difference in data strategy: It’s an extensible platform, which is fully integrated, uses the existing data strategy and adapts to it. It also offers the + wide flexibility and variety of options for its implementation and connections.

Difference in price: Tableau has no hidden prices or limitations.