According to Gartner, 84% of companies said that system integration challenges are hampering their digital transformation efforts.

This scenario can be worse because new technologies that companies are using to interact with their customers, employees and partners have changed drastically.

 The convergence  of business technologies such as the IoT, SaaS, big data, social and mobile technologies are providing powerful new tools to enable businesses to do more, unlock new sources of income, better understand their customers and innovate faster than ever before.But to do this, they need to connect these new technologies to the underlying ERP systems.

Traditional methods for integration applications do not work for digital transformation.

MuleSoft proposes  a new integration approach, API connectivity,  extending traditional service-oriented approaches to reflect current connectivity needs.

MuleSoft anyPoint Platform is  a highly productive, unified and hybrid integration platform that allows developers to create a network of apps without problems of applications, data and devices.

AnyPoint Platform provides

Runtime  to execute and implement MuleSoft applications in the cloud or in the facilities.

Tools and Frameworks  to develop modern API based integration architectures.

Central repository for storing the assets where it can be seen and tested, and can be reused by other organisation developers.

MuleSoft offers the most flexible technology available on the market for the construction of a hybrid integration platform (HIP). The environment can be extended flexibly in the cloud or in the environment operated by the customer, all of which remains under control.

MuleSoft anyPoint Platform provide a full management of the API lifecycle.

It combines the creation of modern integration and the management of APIs

According to Gartner  MuleSoft, the leader of the Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service quadrant, published on  23 April 2019, is  also the leader in the magic quadrant of “ Full Life Cycle Cycle Management, published on 9 October 2019.

“MuleSoft combined its integration capacities with API management capabilities in 2013 when it launched the angy Point.This platform helps customers design APIs in a consistent manner.”

Highlights of the two Magic Quadrants:

  • MuleSoft continues to show deep market knowledge, effective commercialisation and leadership of thinking in the API management market as well as in related integration markets.The growth strategy has enabled it to win customers worldwide.
  • MuleSoft offers the management characteristics of APIs and technologies to enable hybrid integration.Therefore, its offer is attractive for customers who are looking for a full set of capabilities of a hybrid integration platform (HIP) in a single product.
  • Great experience in integration technologies, MuleSoft’s offers on technology, ecosystems and agnostics is compatible with a wide range of applications and data infrastructures.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management (June 2019)

MuleSoft Services:

Consulting and architecture

Assessment of current status, design of integration architecture and roadmap to achieve business objectives.

Configuration and commissioning

Following MuleSoft‘s Catalyst methodology, we facilitate the implementation of the MuleSoft ecosystem.

Application development

Based on an agile framework such as Scrum, we create the integration processes between internal and external systems.

Quality assurance

We designed the process of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) that allows us to have a complete control of the development process and the required quality.

Application development

Based on an agile framework such as Scrum, and using the MuleSoft API-LED Connectivity model, we create the integration processes between internal and external systems.

MULESOFT and the SAP ecosystem

Speed up your integrated SAP integrations to S/4HANA and build up a forward test architecture, cloud or a hybrid environment with MuleSoft, a SAP trusted partner.

Integrates SAP systems with certified connectors

It uses precised SAP connectors constructed for S/4HANA, concur, SuccesFactors, BusinessObjects, BusinessObjects and Hybrid es, in addition to dozens of SAP integration templates to accelerate development.

Connect SAP to any application, system or device

It integrates SAP with non-SAP systems using connectors and templates predesigned for legacy applications and SaaS, such as Oracle, Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Amazon, etc. OR create your own API and integrations facilities using a unified platform, andPoint Connectors ™.

Build a flexible cloud architecture

It creates a future-proof architecture to simplify cloud migrations.It integrates and migrates the SAP systems using the API as an intermediary between the backend and the front.Then build up the integrations and deploy them everywhere:on-premise, cloud or a hybrid environment.The implementation targets are easily changed without the need to return to work.