DISID is a strategic partner of  BigML with experience in technology across the Big-ML ecosystem.

Machine learning applications enable  businesses of all sizes to extract value from their data:for example, increasing income, reducing costs and risks, or improving customer satisfaction or security.

The machine platform ‘machine learning’ already helps hundreds of organisations around the world to prepare their data for Machine Learning and to create, evaluate and implement predictive models, the essential part of each Machine Learning application, in a fully automated application.

BigML provides a selection of robustly-engineered Machine Learning algorithms proven to solve real world problems by applying a single, standardized framework across your company. Avoid dependencies on many disparate libraries that increase complexity, maintenance costs, and technical debt in your projects.

BigML facilitates unlimited predictive applications across industries including, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food, energy, entertainment, IoT, financial services, automotive, healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, and more.

BigML facilitates collaboration among subject matter experts, analysts, developers, engineers, scientists, and executives.

BigML models are fully exportable via JSON PML (and PMML) and can be used from all popular programming languages. This means you can seamlessly plug your models into your web, mobile or IoT applications or services such as Google Sheets, Amazon Echo, Zapier, and more.

Share your Machine Learning resources using granular team and project management capabilities. BigML is a transparent, collaborative platform for all members of your organization, from analysts and developers, to engineers and executives.

As an “API-first” company, BigML brings every new feature first to the REST API. Bindings and libraries are available for all popular languages, including Python, Node.js, Ruby, Java, Swift, and more.

BigML’s granular record keeping and transparency are crucial to meet regulatory and audit compliance requirements yet are often completely overlooked in other Machine Learning tools. All resources on BigML are immutable and stored with a unique ID and the creation parameters, which enables you to track any Machine Learning workflow at anytime.

Rapidly bring your predictive modeling tasks to production through effective automation. BigML turns the difficult, time-consuming work of hand-tuning models or executing complex workflows into one-click menu options or single API calls.

Have tons of data? Need to provide access across your organization? Don’t fret, all your bases are covered on BigML with options for multi-tenant and single-tenant versions on the cloud or on-premises. BigML can be ported to any cloud provider or to a Virtual Private Cloud, with fully-managed and self-managed versions.

On BigML, every user has a private Dashboard and all resources created on it or via BigML’s API are secure and private. All connections to BigML use HTTPS, ensuring the security of user data and communications.

Analysis and design

Design of solutions that use Machine Learning to add value to our clients’ business.


Create customized, easy-to-use applications adapted to our customers’ business that use and exploit the benefits of Machine Learning.

Configuration and commissioning

Technical assistance, installation, customization, configuration, maintenance and support.


Training in the basic concepts of machine learning (ML) and how to use them.