DISID has been providing and developing technological solutions, as well as highly specialized consulting and support services, for over 15 years now.

Our team leverages industry best practices and we guarantee that our architecture, development and maintenance support services will deliver the highest quality work possible.

DISID knows that the success of a data solution and its quality depends largely on the software.

MuleSoft proposes a new integration approach, API connectivity.

MuleSoft anyPoint Platform is a highly productive, unified and hybrid integration platform that allows developers to create a network of apps without problems of applications,
data and devices. 

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DISID is a strategic partner of Salesforce with expertise in technology across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce is leading the innovation industry in low-carbon development platforms, Forrester recognised Salesforce as the leader in the development of Low-code applications.

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DISID is a strategic partner of Tableau with experience in technology across the board of Tableau.

Tableau helps organisations transform data into actionable information.

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DISID is a strategic partner of BigML with experience in technology across the Big-ML ecosystem.

Machine learning applications enable businesses of all sizes to extract value from their data:for example, increasing income, reducing costs and risks, or improving customer satisfaction or security.

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DISID is a strategic KubeMQ partner with experienced devops and developers in the KubeMQ ecosystem.

KubeMQ is a native messaging broker for Kubernetes, enabling continuous data processing.

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