Data engineering

At a glance

Data solutions DISID convert the data of trust into the information and real value of the business .DISID works to adapt and implement datasets and analyses to boost the business value of our clients.

DISID offers the ability to use data as soon as data enter the system, handing proactive software in place of reagent to for example potential new customers be segmented according to their risk profile at the time of intake.

DISID knows that the success of a data solution as well as the quality of the data it offers depend to a large extent on the underlying software.DISID implements a accurately designed high performance platform and a performance approach, security, governance and scalability to help it get real-time information.

DISID also designs data flows and data ETLs based on batch-processing and flow processing to configure optimal models for data aggregation, processing, governance and delivery.

DISID knows that the success of a data solution and its quality depends largely on the software 

We manage, translate and govern the data


Management of the data

DISID assesses and analyses the existing data environment, to provide its organisation with high-end solutions of data arrangements, migration, storage, cleaning and integration, while ensuring the security and sustainability of the data in any service delivered.

Real-time data intelligence

DISID has built the knowledge and skills to develop evidence-based solutions in real time of high quality from scratch.We offer sets of data visualisation tools to convert organisation data into clear diagrams, charts and panels.We ensure a coherent experience for different user groups, from expert data analysts to business users without specific knowledge from BI.


DISID exploits third party platforms to accelerate data-based projects.We connect a wide range of existing data providers systems through these platforms and integrate them with existing business systems to help our customers make the best use of the data and processes they already have.

Nos caracterizamos por trabajar con plataformas modernas e innovadoras pero a su vez robustas y consolidadas.