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At a glance

DISID is a Spanish software engineering company specialising in Software Development, Data Engineering and Systems Integration.

We are a technology partner offering quality solutions in strategic and technical consulting, which has successfully addressed digital transformation projects with large companies and organisations.

DISID is located in two of the cities with the largest technological knowledge niches in the world:

Our offices are open, modern and team oriented, each with an emphasis on one of our principles:

The happier our employees, the more productive they will be

Above all, we are proud that software manufacturers recommend DISID.

Our knowledge

Over 300 success stories

Projects in Spain and 10 other countries

Workforce bilingual

All employees are certified in Scrom

More than 20 certifications per year in breakthrough technologies

Average age 32 years

Our value

DISID works to help its clients increase the efficiency of their value chain based on the promotion of technology standards and best practices as well as on the improvement and evolution of the technological development support activity.

High technological knowledge coupled with close cooperation to acquire the business philosophy of our customers, aims to optimise and evolve the technology supporting the different processes along the value chain.

Our vocation of permanent innovation and the improvement of our technological capacity are key pillars in the business strategy of DISID.

In 2018, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness recognises this innovative work and gives the SME Innovator seal to DISID, a recognition that reinforces the strong commitment to innovation and the development of the new technologies applied to DISID solutions. In 2021 the seal is renewed until 2024.

We have access to platforms and data to give the best use to customers

Our team

DISID is a company that provides specialised services and for this has 60 engineers with extraordinary training that take care of the quality of the service and developments.

All employees ( dissidents ) have training in the technologies they are working on and in foreign languages. Always. Continuously. They are certified in the technologies.

Half of the day they work at home for years.

The rotation of dissidents is negligible as the employees grow with DISID and the projects have the same equipment in principle to the end.

All the team is certified in SCRUM.

We are not only developers, but software and technical developers who are convinced.Because we dominate most programming languages, we are not slaves of one or two technologies.Regardless of the technology, we are able to take action and be productive immediately.


15 years have passed since DISID provides and develops technological solutions, as well as highly specialised consulting and support services.

Our team takes advantage of the industry’s best practices and ensures that our services in architecture, development and maintenance support will provide the work of the highest quality possible.

Technological solutions


DISID develops personalised software that combines technological experience and industry specific knowledge.

The DSID development process is of a quality oriented and combines the best aspects of Lean and Scrum in order to promote scalability and agility under demand.

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DISID data solutions convert the data of trust into the information and real value of the business. DISID works to adapt and implement datasets and analyses to boost the business value of our clients.

DISID offers the ability to use the data as soon as they enter the system.

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DISID Integration Services allow for new ways to connect their business processes with their assets, partners and customers, thus improving their operational efficiency.

DISID implements a new integrated IT environment that allows for standardisation and unification of processes across a business group.

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Han pasado 15 años desde que DISID proporciona y desarrolla soluciones tecnológicas, así como servicios de consultoría y soporte altamente especializados.

Nuestro equipo aprovecha las mejores prácticas de la industria y garantizamos que nuestros servicios de arquitectura, desarrollo y soporte de mantenimiento ofrecerán el trabajo de la más alta calidad posible.

DISID knows that the success of a data solution and its quality depends largely on the software 

MuleSoft proposes a new integration approach, API connectivity.

MuleSoft anyPoint Platform is a highly productive, unified and hybrid integration platform that allows developers to create a network of apps without problems of applications,
data and devices. 

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DISID is a strategic partner of Salesforce with expertise in technology across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce is leading the innovation industry in low-carbon development platforms, Forrester recognised Salesforce as the leader in the development of Low-code applications.

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DISID is a strategic partner of Tableau with experience in technology across the board of Tableau.

Tableau helps organisations transform data into actionable information.

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DISID is a strategic partner of BigML with experience in technology across the Big-ML ecosystem.

Machine learning applications enable businesses of all sizes to extract value from their data:for example, increasing income, reducing costs and risks, or improving customer satisfaction or security.

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ISO 9001:2015 certification

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