Access to your business centralized information with our mobility solutions from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets

Makes it easier for your staff shares their actions in mobility for both commercial, quality control, production…​ You can view the company information from anywhere. It also allows the collection of information in situ, improving response time and eliminating the need for paper usage.

Our data collection can include information from different sensors increasingly incorporating mobile devices, such as GPS, photography, video, light, pressure…​

With an assessment of customer needs and the characteristics of projects, taking into account both user management and access to company information and data synchronization.

When do I need a mobility solution?

  • Access to data in mobility. If company staff who need to access company information in real-time on the road.

  • Collecting information offsite. To collect data directly from anywhere and are automatically included in the central business information.

  • Location. To position and to locate information and staff in real time.

  • Pictures and videos.. Capture photos or videos to incorporate the data of the organization.

  • Sensor data. Automatically read information from the mobile devices, such as temperature, light, pressure, etc.

Our services

  • Requirements and functional analysis, software architecture and design.

  • Proposal of the best technology option: web or native application.

  • Analysis of the location information collected.

  • Management and control of projects.

  • Development of mobility software solutions.

  • Training and support.

  • Evolutionary maintenance and quality software.