We provide the infrastructure and functionality needed for managing geospatial data components. Managing your company information located on a map.

We adjust the services at different levels to create a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) that ranges from access to the database and map servers, through catalog servers until the publication of maps in web portals.

Your solution with support geographic data server, desktop, web and mobile. We facilitate their management, editing and analysis with custom applications tailored to the needs of each project to build the right solution.

Why do I need a geographic information system?

  • Management and visualization of geographic data, mark the position on a map of relevant information.

  • Conversion of geographic data, can be in the form of image, sensor data, geometric shapes or data in general. A solution for the capture, storage, that allows you to manipulate and analyze the data.

  • Integration of new features, customize and improve your geographic information software to the needs of users with new extensions and features, allowing continuous improvement of the application as well as the development of solutions.

  • Reporting and map displays. Creates, manages and displays the information of people, environmental resources, path or road design, among others.

Our services

  • Geospatial information analysis and cartographic production processes.

  • Configuration, customization and development of different services geospatial data management.

  • Development of new features, extensions and improved software tools.