Software solutions provider

Result of joint work and established synergies between Menten ITE and DISID Technologies born: DISID Corporation. Together we help you in your projects. We give you solutions with the best technology development and to any device.

Your ebusiness with OFBiz


Web and mobile business management: resource planning, customer relationship, warehouse, financials, marketing and ecommerce. Developed with OFBiz, the best ecommerce framework.

Geographic information system with gvSIG

Geographic information

Capture, store, manipulate, analyze and present spatial information to facilitate decision making. Include the best tool, gvSIG Desktop 2.0.

Enterprise portals with Liferay

Enterprise portals

Easy management and publishing of enterprise websites who integrate enterprise contents with business process data. Made with Liferay, the leading enterprise portal plaform.

Custom software with gvNIX

Software factory

Mobile and web applications development customized to business specific needs. We use the best Java RAD framework, gvNIX.

Location and traceability people and assets

Location system

In real time, locate, identify and track people and assets, pinpointing their precise location on a map. reconec™ infraestructure, the most versatile platform available.

Mobile applications for the enterprise

Mobility solutions

Manage the company information from any place through the use of mobile devices. Apps development with HTML5, JavaScript and native APIs Android or iOS.

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  • Labs: investigación y desarrollo de software

    Labs, software research and development on open source platforms

    Android and gvSIG mobile management for CITMA

    Android and gvSIG mobile management of complaints of environmental infractions

  • Semana Informática 2014

    DiSiD participates in international 9a gvSIG Conference 

    gvSIG Roads: gestión integral de carreteras

    gvSIG Roads: free and interoperable solution for the integrated management of road infrastructure

  • Coexbur v2, gestión integral para el servicio de conservación y explotación de la demarcación de Castilla y León oriental

    Service maintenance and operation of the demarcation of Castilla y León East

    Migración de portales de la GVA a la plataforma Liferay

    Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Government of Valencia) portals migration to Liferay platform

  • Development of platforms for eBusiness solutions

    Development of a new platform based on OFBiz for SMEs

  • Application for managing user access permissions

    APLUSU, web application for managing user access permissions for applications

  • Digicardex, reconocimiento y trazabilidad en campings con la plataforma reconec

    Digicardex, reconecTM solution for people location and tracking in amusement parks and resorts